Got chips from Paris, France

5 years ago

First two pictures are mine, the third is not.
I got chips from my sister that lives in Paris, France. These flavors are the bomb and so funny! The first one in my pictures really takes like rossiter chicken from costco it`s crazy! The second is cheeseburger flavor if you can`t already tell and omg this was my favorite one. It`s freaky how much it tasted like cheeseburger, I could taste the beef patties and the pickles. lol. The last one is actually no my own picture which is why it looks so much better, but I still had a bag of it, I just forgot I never took a picture of it before i finished the whole thing and threw it away. haha. It`s pepperoni, not as unique but still pretty special because we don`t usually see it. It also really tastes like pepperonies. yum

oh btw, don`t eat it all at one time or you`ll get unhealthy and acne and stuff. haha definitely not a diet food

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