Got a free fitbit ultra!

I bought a fitbit almost 3 years ago, but would only use it on occasion. I decided after Labor Day that I would be more active & the fitbit is the perfect way to watch my progress. So I took it out of its pouch, charged it up, but the display wasnt working. I e-mailed their support team & they couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. They were nice enough to send me a replacement. Since they dont make the original one anymore I got an ultra. Mine was way past warranty, but Im assuming since their support has had a bad reputation lately, they just send me a new one. AWESOME!!!!!

So what does the fitbit do?
Its a small pedometer like activity tracker that measures steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, activity level & sleep. The calories are just an estimate unless you have a heart rate monitor synced with it. Theres a little flower that grows the more active you are based on a 3 hour period.

The free website lets you see all your numbers, charts, goals, friends, and you can track your food. Theres a community forum where you can ask questions and look for motivation/advice. You can also form groups to challenge each other. If anyone is a user or wants to join, please add me as a friend
Now they even have an app so you can track your stats on the go. There is a premium version, but I rarely track my food, I just like to see me activity stats.

The fitbit only costs $99. Yup, thats right $99! It may be a fancy pedometer, but for me it works. I know similar products that cost almost double that & you have to pay to use their website.

Recently fitbit partnered with some other apps to get you more motivated. They include runkeeper , map my fitness, lose it!, my fitness pal, spark people, endomondo & erndit (read my post on earndit , its a great site to earn free gifts for staying active)

How do you track your fitness?
Do you have a fitbit, or thinking of getting one?

~*~ Images are mine first one is of my new fitbit, second is a screen shot of my activity from yesterday ~*~

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