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4 years ago

I would like to call myself the Gossip Girl of LUUUX, not to toot any horns, of any size! But of course when you are a young teen living in the Upper East Side, well i guess you are allowed, so that is why i am allowing the Upper East Sider`s to toot, and I will just Gossip about there tooting, before they toot, or while they toot.. ( this probably makes no sense to you lol)
Anyways.. Gossip Girl is a anynomous writer (unlike myself who has NO secrets to hide, well ok, maybe a couple). GG (is what i will call her) has spies, and helpers who take pictures & such, & GG posts about it! So while this sounds Superly boring for a book or TV show, us viewers get the Real Scoop, as we get to see what really happens. Sounds intriguing? Ohhh it is!
The Cast:
( All mentioned in the Cast, are pictured, in the picture lol) Well this my friends is the interesting part, I am pretty sure every single person has a group of people Exactly like this!! I will give you some of the main characters:
Blair Waldorf: RICH, The snooty, popular girl(although maybe not as popular as her BFF).. she may be snooty, but she is a girl and sometimes cracks down & cries, & you wish you could tell her everything will be right, & you see her nice side..
Serena Van Der Woodsen:RICH, nice, carefree, did i mention nice, strong willed girl! (Blair`s BFF), oh & she is popular
Chuck Bass: RICH, super rich, umm & i guess you could say is a player, party go-er, girl crazy... (need i say more)
Nate(last name slips my mind!!): RICH, sweet guy, who is more reserved than Chuck, but still likes girls. He seems to bounce between Blair & Serena the most though lol..
Jenny Humprey: Not rich, & is probably the sweetest character next to Serena. She sews all her clothes!! How cool?!
Dan Humprey: Jenny`s Brother, in love with Serena.. thats pretty much it!

SO i hope i gave you a good idea of what this show is all about, for those who haven`t seen it.
I lUV IT!!!!!

(just for kicks...)
You Know You Love ME,
Gossip Girl (a.k.a Amber)

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