Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer - FINAL SEASON!

4 years ago

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The trailer for Season 6 of Gossip Girl has been released! The first episode of Season 6 comes out on Monday October 8th!! This is the final season so I`m sure it`ll be amazing! I`m quite sad that it`s the final season because I love Gossip Girl and I was really sad when One Tree Hill ended too...

{SPOILER ALERT! - Watch the trailer before reading the rest of this post!}
Anyway, I`m a huge Chuck and Blair fan, so understandably I was SO excited when I saw the end of the trailer!:
"Blair: I`m all in...
Chuck: My bet`s on us" <- FINALLY! I always shipped them together, I didn`t like Louis at all (especially at the end of season 5) and I didn`t like Blair with Dan either.

There`s a part in the trailer where Serena is wearing a white dress and Blair says "This is a wedding".... So either Serena is getting married or they`re trying to make it seem that way..

I hope Serena will be better this season as I really didn`t like her in Season 5 - her being Gossip Girl etc..


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- Emily

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