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4 years ago

Gosh Beauty Haul
I was watching a YouTube video from a beauty guru I recently started following called theeasydiy. Her channel is not only makeup tutorials and such, but also features arts and crafts projects. I also like that she lives in Toronto like I do.

She had posted a haul video talking about a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart where she was able to score some great deals on Gosh make-up which is normally kind of expensive. She even mentioned the location she went to which is at Eglinton Square. I had never been to that location, but it is one I have driven by many times, so I knew exactly where it was.

After checking out my local Shoppers and realizing that they didnt have any of the great deals she was talking about I decided to swing by the location she mentioned to see if they still had any great deals.

Lucky for me, they still had some stuff in the clearance section so I picked some stuff out.

First I noticed some Gosh Pigments they had for only 2 dollars. I have a white shimmer pigment from Gosh that I have owned for a while, and I really like it, so I decided to get 2 more. They had a few that were opened and spilling everywhere, but I managed to find 2 that were unopened in the bunch.

I chose a blue colour called Bluebell and a colour called Greeny that is actually a lot more like a dark brown with some green shimmer.

I also noticed a Gosh lip gloss that theeasydiy mentioned in her video and for only 2 dollars, I decided to try one as well. It looks kinda blue-ish but it applies fairly clear while still giving a holographic sort of shine on the lips. It does smell a little medicinal, but its no big deal.

They also had some great liquid liners in bold colours for only 2 dollars each so I chose a silver glitter, and gold and a forest green colour. I actually swatched them on my hand and even after washing it with soap, it didnt come off. The next morning, they were still going strong and I actually used makeup remover to take them off. So they definitely have staying power.

I also noticed a pair of mini tweezers in a tube for only a dollar. I know I always forget to pack tweezers on trips, so this was a great item to include in my travel bag.

The last thing I noticed in the clearance section was a set a cheek tints from Quo cosmetics for only 3 dollars. I was a little upset when I got home since one of them was stuck to the cap. I cant use it out of the tube, so I am going to get a small container to depot it.

After I was done raiding the clearance section, I headed over to the newest display for Essence cosmetics that theeasydiy also mentioned in her video. I have 2 mini Essence polishes that I bought at Ulta during a trip to the States last year, but other than that, I dont really know much about the brand. Essence is brand new in Canada, and they are known for their affordable cosmetics so I decided to try out something. I was immediately drawn to this great bright pink/coral blush for only $2.99. I also decided on a dark blue eyeliner pencil for $2.49.

All in all, I spent under 25 dollars for everything, and according to my receipt I had $79.99 in savings which makes me happy as well.

Im excited to play and experiment with all my new stuff.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVPVg89QdHA&list=UUiaKcNuJjdTtPJLuRKR1aLQ&index=9&feature=plcp

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