GOSH Holographic Hero Review

4 years ago

As promised, I will now begin to deliver some swatches of my nail polishes that I have bought throughout 2012 whilst going through my new found hobby; nail art.

I have chosen my first review to be on GOSH - Holographic Hero which I purchased from Superdrug (UK beauty store for any Americans reading) for £5 which should work out to be around $8.

I had been searching high and low online for this nail polish as everyone in Instagram had been talking about holographic nail polishes and I was a total virgin to holographic nails. At first, I wasn`t too sure whether or not I`d actually like the nail polish itself as I hadn`t used GOSH cosmetics before but I was pleasantly surprised.

The application was brilliant, on the first application you don`t really notice the beautiful holographic pigment in the polish until the second layer has been applied and has dried fully. I would also suggest using maybe a nude base coat under the holographic polish to really show the beautiful colors that GOSH has made for us nail polish junkies! The nail polish in itself dries very quickly which is beautiful and doesn`t need a top coat unless you wish to apply one. For me, I opted out of using a top coat because I believed that the polish itself looked much better without one.

The only faults I can find with the polish is that the more you use it, the less the holographic side of the polish begins to show and ends up looking like a basic silver polish, maybe that`s just because I haven`t really experimented much with it but that`s literally the only fault I can find. Considering these bad boys are going on eBay for around £10 (I know! £10) you would be MUCH better off buying it from Superdrug directly. But be careful people, the holographic hero is said to not be around for much longer with the dreaded rumor of discontinuation of the product lurking somewhere in the future!

If you have any questions, then please ask and I`ll be happy to help!

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