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3 years ago

One of the three products included in my daily facial routine. Oh how I love this buttery goodness of a pot :) It says on the pot that to get your skin back into balance, use Ultrabland for 30 days straight. I purchased the smaller pot the first time and although it could have lasted me about 2 months if I used it twice a day to about 3 months if only once a day, I was addicted to it and used more than what I needed so one small pot lasted me about a full month.

I used the whole small pot for 30 days, twice a day, and my skin was balanced. It cleared up my big zits down to the annoying little baby bumps of acne. It is filled with many oils and the texture is very creamy and well, oil. Your skin will be like applying a generous amount of oil all over your body and trying to rinse it off with water alone. This is not the proper way.

How to use:
Massage all over face (dry or wet).
Use a warm wash cloth to wipe off. Then use a cold wash cloth to close your pores.
Do not forget to use a toner to remove any residues or products left behind.

After the first use, my skin felt so soft and clean. There are days when I forget to use my moisturizer but using this alone helps me skip my moisturizer on some days. I recommend this to all skin types, it really gives you a great balance skin at the end of the day.

***I write reviews on products on Luuux. Lush products are posted here because Lush website do not ALLOW to mention other products/companies within our review. LushAddict LushProducts LushReview Ultrabland

******Sorry I posted the wrong product & name, I meant to review ULTRABLAND cleanser. Change has been made.******

Source link: http://www.lushusa.com/Ultrabland/02749,en_US,pd.html

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