Google Nexus 4 on O2 on 13 November is a `shocking deal`

4 years ago

The Google Nexus 4 hits O2 from 13 November -- but with its shockingly low price tag, we struggle to see why you`d buy it on a contract from any network -- and we`re not the only ones, as the oxygenated operator struggled to defend its pricing to discerning punters.

The Nexus 4 is shaping up to be an awesome phone: quad-core power, high-definition screen and cutting-edge Android 4.2 Jelly bean software, starting at just £240 from Google Play.

Or to bag yourself a free Nexus 4 from O2, sign up for a £36 per month contract, which comes with unlimited texts and calls and 1GB of data each month. Except, as several O2 customers point out on O2`s news post, why would you do that? "Considering this phone is less than £300 to buy off-contract from Google Play," says Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh, "I don`t actually understand why you`d bother doing this."

"This is a shocking `deal`," adds Russ Underhill. "The phone costs £280 (for the 16GB model), anyone with any sense will buy it SIM-free and run it on GiffGaff, not this crazy contact."

For many people, signing a lengthy contract is the only way to get hold of a high-end phone if you really, really can`t scrape together the up-front cost of five or six hundred quid -- but with the Nexus 4 starting at £240 for the 8GB model, you don`t need to commit to a lengthy contract to nab one at a decent price. Buy the phone SIM-free then get a separate SIM-only deal and over the course of a year, 18 months or two years, the monthly savings of the cheaper tariff will more than pay for the phone.

Plus, if you`re SIM-free you can swap phones or hop onto a better deal with a different network at the drop of a hat. Handsome!

To prove it, let`s bust out the calculator for a second. Once we`ve finished typing out 58008, let`s do some quick and dirty sums. Say you sign up to a £36 O2 contract and bag a free Nexus 4, over two years that`s a total of £864 laid out.

Buy the phone from Google Play and bung in a GiffGaff SIM costing just £10 per month, and you`ll get unlimited data too -- for a total cost of £480 over the same period!

Well, do you think the price was a mistake or was it so Google Play can get more money?

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