Google is Stalking You

5 years ago

Google is stalking you. Yes it`s true. If you have a Google account and you haven`t found and paused the Web History setting, they are spying on your searches and the sites you visit. They say it`s to improve your experience and make your searches better. But someone out there knows you have some sort of site addiction or if you are a dirty birdy and visiting no no sites lol. On March 1 this will be shared amongst all Google products ie Chrome and Youtube, once their new privacy or should I say stalking laws go into effect. To stop them from tracking you, you can go to and sign in and click remove all web history or click on account settings, then to the services header and click "Go to web history" and then click on "Remove all Web History" which would stop them from creeping on you.

Did you know Google was such a creep?
Are you going to change your account settings?

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