Google Glasses - Augmented Reality Glasses Are In The Works

5 years ago

Google is always innovating in their services and they have a project they are working on that i find to me very interesting.
It uses augmented reality, kinda like what we already have on phones using the camera and then you can get information about your location, stores, books, etc but this glasses will work from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.

The glasses have Android OS, a camera, gps, internet connection and you can not only make video calls but you can keep yourself organized by setting appointments in it, reminders, take pictures, get info on different stores or items and pretty much have a full time working phone and information in your eyes.

It still work in progress and not really much information on release but it would be something that would be interesting to see in try. I don`t know about using it full time, i think it can be distracting and kind of weird to use all day, maybe it would just need geting used to.

Check out the video to see how it works.

<strong>Would you use this glasses?
Do you use augmented reality on your phone?</strong>

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