Goody Spin Pins

5 years ago

I own both sets of the Goody Spin Pins now. They come in their original version, which is larger (comes 2 in a pack) and then they have the minis (3 in a pack.) They both cost about the same... just around $5.00-$6.00. They are, basically, a bobby pin that has been twisted into a cork screw shape. This is supposed to take the place of a bunch of regular bobby pins. You are supposed to be able to easily slip these into a twisted bun and get a secure hold. They come in two colors. A lighter golden shade for blonde to light brown hair and a darker brown for medium brown to dark brown/black hair. I bought the light ones because my hair isn`t very dark. It isn`t blond, but it is definitely not dark brown. I started out with the regular ones, which are longer. I quickly found that they were too long to hold my hair tight. I have very fine hair and when I`d twist the pins into my hair, you could see them sticking out the other end. You aren`t supposed to see the spin pins in your bun. I had heard that they made minis, so I started my hunt for those. I found them about a week after I bought my original set. The minis work a bit better, but yet I still found my hair sometimes slipping from the pins. I`m thinking it is just how fine my hair is plus the fact that I don`t have curly/wavy hair that makes the strands untwist and come loose from the bun. With some trial and error I have found that, for me, it works best if I combine the long with a couple of the small ones. That way I can use the longer ones for the base security and then where chunks come loose, I can use the small ones to push them back into the bun. If you just have a few wisps coming loose, you could easily use a regular bobby pin. Now, understand... I do like a semi messy bun so it doesn`t look so done up and if it were just small wisps coming loose, this would be fine.. but I get actual CHUNKS falling away. ::grumble:: I have looked and found that they make other bun pins. So, I am going to try those out, too. I like these and will continue to use them. I like them better than claw clips or elastic ties. My hair is just a pain in the butt because of how fine it is. If you have curly hair or thicker hair I think these would work well. It would seem, the more texture your hair has to it, the better these work out. I say that because some people, even with very thick hair, may have the issue of chunks falling loose if their hair is naturally very straight. They are definitely much, much better than classic bobby pins, though. I have included a photo of my hair in a bun using these. I have some of the long AND the minis in my hair. On the right side of the bun you can see a bit of a spin pin peeking out. That kind of drives me nuts. I do not have a photo of the box anymore because, like a ding dong, I forgot to take a photo before pulling the pins from the box. You can see what the box looks like, though, if you check my post when I hauled them. That can be found by /viz/weekend-hauling-0

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