Goodbye Undereye Circles

4 years ago

I used to hate waking up in the morning to huge dark circles under my eyes. Everyone would ask me if I slept last night or if I was extremely tired. But after using simple tips slowly and slowly my dark circles vanished.

How to cure Dark Circles:

Be very healthy- Make sure you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods with protein and vitamins in it. By drinking water it will improve blood circulation and make those dark circles under your eyes not so dark anymore.
Beware (Salt)- Eating some salt is alright but eating a lot of salt isnt as healthy as you can imagine. Eating too much salt can be detrimental to your circulation and will make your veins appear on your skin purple-lish blue, making it very visible. Salt is in lots of bagged and canned foods. So eat healthy homemade foods and not adding that much salt.
Avoid Rubbing- I know youre tired, girl but you dont need to rub those eyes so much. Just go to sleep. By rubbing your eyes you can cause irritation meaning tiny capillaries under your eyes are breaking, leading to discoloration .
Get your Sleeping Beauty on- When youre up on your computer all night and not getting your sleep your skin may appear a little paler , which makes dark spots on your skin stand out a little more. You must sleep 7 through 9 hours each night. This will definitely make those dark spots get lighter.
Calm Down Girl!- Stop the stressing and relax. Put two cold cucumbers or cool tea bags on your eyes. and lay down. It will improve puffiness and discoloration. It will also give a very cool effect on your skin.
Dont Worry- If none of these things are working dont worry nor cry. Just grab a concealer the color of your skin and place a little under your eyes. Then add a little bit of press powder and buff under your eyes. Walla. Beautiful bright eyes. If you have any questions or a other topic I can write about email me at and I will be sure to answer!!

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