Goodbye Tomkat!

4 years ago

tom cruise`s couch jumping days are probably over! the couple announced they are getting divorced. i remember just a month ago, i thought they were one of the happier couples in hollywood that i thought could possibly last. i was wrong!

apparently, katie was quite irked with scientology. i can understand that lol

the number one thing i`m thinking now is how screwed up of a kid suri may become. her parents have already spoiled her rotten! now, she`s going to be the kid in the middle. she`s probably going to get twice as much stuff, once from her mom and once from her dad, and she might not even have all the emotional support she needs.

i`m so sick of hollywood marriages not working out. sometimes, i feel like these couples don`t even try to make things work. every couple has their problems! they made a vow when they got married though. call me old fashioned, but i honestly don`t think anyone takes it seriously anymore. might as well just not get married and spare the legal expenses of a divorce!

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