Goodbye Luuux

5 years ago

I had a good run, but Ive come to the decision that its time for me to hang up my luuux hat. I just dont have the time or motivation or energy to continue posting.

Ive also become really disappointed with the products offered in the luuux shop. Thats why were all here, right? Discuss stuff we love and get really awesome stuff in return. Well, when I began I had a wish list full of things that I would love to have but now there isnt ONE thing I want to spend my luuux dollars on.

That is why Ive decided to donate all my 10,512 luuux dollars to OXFAM, a charity that assists those living in poverty around the world.

My love for makeup isnt over and Im sure there will come a time when I feel the need to return to the beauty blog world, but it likely wont be luuux.

I wish you all the best of luck and continued happy luuuxing!

(I`m gong to leave my account open for a while, so if you`d like to stay in contact feel free to drop me a message with your contact info!)

xo Sarah W

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