Good time to BUY a DIY iPhone 5 Swarovski Crystal Case

4 years ago

The 6th generation of iPhone has just released. What the public expecting this time from Apple is some kind of hardware enhancement like 4G LTE, bigger retina display and faster processor instead of innovative or industry leading surprise. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of Apple but let me share with you why I switched from HTC to an iPhone 3G in 2008, its all about those lovely cases! You will always find a new case being released by different brand in just a few weeks. As a trend setter, its always a pleasure for me to mix and match my iPhone case with my clothes. This habit does not stop until I have my iPhone 4S. This year, I find more and more expensive iPhone cases and I just cant afford them all. The one which I still not yet have a chance to mix and match are those studded with beautiful Swarovski crystals. These bling iPhone cases are really so eyes catching. However, economically its not worth my investment there as everyone knows there will be a new iPhone 5 releasing soon. I will know whether there is a new iPhone 5 very soon. Apple experience told us that after new iPhone is being announced, it will be available in the market for the next couple of weeks. What I will do this time is to find reputable Swarovski iPhone 5 cases sellers, ask them to make a truly for me. This time, not for mix and match purpose, its for SHOW OFF! The ONLY piece of crystal iPhone case for me.

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