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1. It is not necessary to resist all temptations, the excess food must be controlled but the ideal is to prove everything, but without overdoing it;
2. You have to avoid foods and confecionados very spicy, sugary drinks, sweets and savory and reduces the consumption of carbohydrates;
3. Give priority to water, the tea, fruits, vegetables, dairy products;
4. Forget the alcohol because it is a toxic element to the body, almost like a poison that needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent build up and destroy the cells and organs;
5. Not saltes meals. Contrary to what many people think, do not skip meals helps you lose weight (quite the contrary), they shall be made at intervals of 3 hours, 3:30 am, which is equivalent to a number of five to six meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the morning and afternoon);
6. It is not advisable to eat bread, biscuits and crackers for a snack in the afternoon (when you want to lose a few pounds);
7. Do not deites full of hunger, even when you come home at dawn after a night of partying, completely famished, the best option is to take something hot and fast digestion, as a warm milk, tea, yogurt or juice natural fruit. It is not advisable to eat something solid because it will hinder digestion;
8. You do not need a gym, we have many resources for exercise only need to invest in small gestures, such as walking or jogging for 45 minutes, choose the stairs instead of the elevator, leave the car two blocks from the destination, ... There are many options that do not require spending any penny;
9. To accelerate the loss of weight is important to aid or a registered dietitian a pharmacist to recommend the best draining scavenger antioxidant or fat, depending on each case.

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