Good deal on Deodorants at CVS!

Last week, I saw on a blog that deodorant at CVS was going to be on sale this week so I printed out the coupons early and score, I got two Dry Idea Advanced Dry deodorants for less than 20 cents each!

<strong>PRICE BREAK DOWN:</strong>

Dry Idea Deodorant
Price: Buy 1 for $4.39, get 1 Free

<strong>Coupons I used:</strong>

(1) $3 off 2 Dry Idea Deodorant
(1) $1 off Dry Idea Deodorant (I actually had 2 but the cashier only allowed me to use 1, or else I would have gotten the deodorants completely free if the cashier adjusted the 2nd coupon).

<STRONG>GRAND TOTAL:</STRONG> $4.39 - $4 in coupons = $0.39+ tax cents for both deodorants

About the deodorants:
Goes on clear (they also have the powder one available as the Buy 1, Get 1 Free too, you can mix/match but I`m not a fan of powder deodorants..
No residue formula
Advanced dry
Extra effective
24 hour antiperspirant

Thoughts on the deodorant? I have never tried it so it`s new to me and I like trying new products especially for deodorant because I`m pretty picky. I read that these are "okay" deodorants but it`s worth a try especially since I got them for so cheap, why not! Have you tried this deodorant out? If so what are your thoughts?

Then, I had $3 ECB so I decided to buy a set of mini tweezers from Revlon to put in my purse. These are the Revlon Mini Tweezer Set to Go (perfect for air travel). The print on these tweezers are so cute, cherry blossoms. You get a pointy and slanted tweezer plus little case.

Price: $7.29 - $3.00 ECB = $4.29

Overall: My little trip to CVS this evening cost me less than $6.

<em>Want to print the coupon? </em>

The only coupon that is still available to print is the $3 off 2 deodorants, you will still score a good deal because it will be only 70 cents each for the deodorant.;zid=oj97&amp;nid=10&amp;bid=alk110419115754bd52fa315012

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