Good company and comfort food

4 years ago

I went out to eat with my three-O and afterwards.. my boyfriend drove us all home. During the car ride, I got upset at my boyfriend for something that I found out. Because I was upset, I decided to leave his car and call my friend to go get something to drink.
I called my "missing in action" friend to go get some bubble tea. Fortunately he answered! He was sleeping but he got up to go bubble-tea with me :`) !

We went to this very nice scenery bubble-tea restaurant ! It was actually really nice inside. The mood was very nice and there was Korean music in the background.. BIG BANG <3 .
I ordered <em>honey milk tea with pearls</em>. It tasted alright. I was still pretty full from my dinner with my three-O however, I managed to drink at least half of the glass before we left to go home. My friend ordered <em>Early Grey bubble-tea </em>. It seemed like he liked the drink :) ! Hopefully he did.

Drinking and talking to him for min. an hour and a half was very good comfort food and good company :) ! When we go out (just us) we usually just go to bubble-tea and just talk and talk ! Bubble-tea is a pretty good choice to go to if all you want to do is relax, talk and chill :) !
Hopefully I`ll see him around !

<strong>What do you think of the bubble teas ? </strong>

take care
the picture above is mine

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