Gone too soon series-Lisa Left Eye Lopes

In light of the autopsy results I was reading an article on celebrities whose deaths shocked us. I decided to do my own series on those articles because it is amazing how many talented celebrities were lost in the most tragic way.

Third in this series is Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Her death hit me pretty hard because the way she died and the fact that they were filming at the time of the accident. I have seen the footage of her driving while doing a documentary on her spiritual journey she was on there in Honduras. She swerves to miss a truck but has to swerve again to miss an oncoming car and ran off the road hitting trees. She was the only one to die in that accident. Several times during that documentary she said that she felt death was after her. I definetely recommend watching her documentary if you were a fan.

Source link: http://styleblazer.com/38827/gone-too-soon-the-10-celebrity-deaths-that-broke-our-hearts-the-most/8/

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