Gone too soon series-Brittany Murphy

In light of the autopsy results I was reading an article on celebrities whose deaths shocked us. I decided to do my own series on those articles because it is amazing how many talented celebrities were lost in the most tragic way.

The second in my series is Brittany Murphy. How many of us were completely shocked to hear that Brittany Murphy just collapsed and died out of nowhere? Her death was ruled to be due to pneumonia, iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication. Her death was so sad and made me want to know more about her and her last days. What turned this story of her death even more is that shortly after her husband died of a heart attack. Some say he died of a broken heart. This was so sad. Feel free to add your thoughts below.

Source link: http://styleblazer.com/38827/gone-too-soon-the-10-celebrity-deaths-that-broke-our-hearts-the-most/10/

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