Gone Girl: Is the movie as good as the book?

Hello Luuuxers! Over the summer I discovered Gillian Flynn, an adult fiction author who was soon to become one of my favorite writers! Right now, Flynn is most famous for writing Gone Girl, which is now a movie starring Ben Affleck.

The book is about a man, Nick Dunne, who`s wife goes missing in what looks like a murder plot. Throughout the course of the book, Nick slowly becomes the primary suspect in the case. I love this book more than other crime novels because you would never expect all the plot twists that happen! Gillian Flynn is the queen of deception and each turn the book takes will leave you wondering what could possibly come next!

When I first heard that the book was going to be a movie, I was a bit skeptical. I was a bit more reassured when I heard that the author was also going to write the screenplay. I kept hearing good things about the movie from friends, so off I went to the theatre last Friday!

I was not disappointed. The movie was incredibly accurate to the book to the point where I an`t think of any details being left out. The casting was amazing and the overall tone of the film was so perfectly creepy! Neil Patrick Harris especially gave a standout performance as Desi, an ex boyfriend on Nick`s wife. His acting made my skin crawl, but I was in awe of how perfectly sinister he was!

I`m absolutely in love with the movie and would love to go back to see it a second time! I highly recommend this movie if you love psychological thrillers!!


Source link: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/reviews/gone-girl-20140923

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