Gone - The Movie

So I saw the movie Gone about a few hours ago.Amanda Seyfried did such a good job at playing Jill because she obviously is a great actress. I especially loved her acting in "Red Riding Hood". :)

In this thriller released on February 24th, Amanda Seyfried plays a young woman Jill, who was kidnapped two years ago. After managing to escape her captive, she lives in constant fear that he will find her and take her again. Her story is that, she was kidnapped from her bed and taken to a remote wood somewhere and put in a deep hole. She knew that she wasnt the first to be put in there, as she saw human remains. The problem is that no one believes her account of what happened.

Two years after this horrible event, she now lives with her sister. One night she doesnt return home straight away and so phones her sister to tell her about her plans and that she will be home late. Next morning Jill goes into her sisters room to wake her, but all she finds is an empty bed. Convinced that her kidnapper had returned and snatched her sister, thinking it was her, she goes to the police. No one believes her story, but they put out a missing person report. Jill knows how this mystery kidnapper works and she realizes that she has only 12 hours to find her sister before something tragic happens.

It`s a great movie to see if you`re looking for an exciting thriller.
Xoxo :)

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