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<em>I used to be extremely picky when it came to buying socks. I always would buy the ankle socks or the super low cut ones or the pretty cute ones (with colorful girly designs) but they never last long and when you walk for long periods of times.. the socks would fall down and you have to stop ever so often to fix it. What a pain.. but it was "in style" when wearing your shoes/sneakers where the socks aren`t showing. Dumb right?</em>

But now, in College and older, I could care less. I still do own some low cut for some shoes but if I`m wearing shoes with jeans and you won`t see my socks anyway-- I mind as well wear comfortable socks that will also keep part of my legs warm too.

My parents wear Gold Toe Socks, it`s available for male/female. My parents swear by these that they`re long lasting, comfortable, stays on your feet and and guaranteed I`ll like them. At first, I was like *whatever*, I took a pair and wore them then now, I hogged up all the pairs so they had to go out and buy more.

There`s actually a good sale on these socks so my mom went to Kohl`s and stocked up. She bought a bunch more and stored it away for future use. These socks are originally $16 for 6 pairs and the sale is buy 2 for $20.

So.. 12 pairs of socks for only $20 so that`s less than $1.70 for a pair, not bad considering how good quality the socks are. =)

HOWEVER, my mom has a Kohl`s charged and received 30% off so she paid only $15 and some change including tax so we got an even better deal. It`s like Buy 1, Get 1 Free for us! Yay.

I would highly recommend these socks. They`re great, I wear them daily now =)

<strong>Are you picky with socks? What`s your favorite kind of socks?</strong>

Kohl`s now sells Rock & Republic clothing (vest, tops, jeans, shoes and so forth).

Want to buy Gold Toe Socks?
Available at Macy`s, Kohl`s, JcPenney, Macy`s and so forth.

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