Goldfish Babysitting

4 years ago

I dont know how many of you have looked after your friend or girl-friends goldfish before, but it comes at such a shock at how much care they actually need. I mean obviously not as much as a dog or cat but still they do have requirements which need to be met. E.G - their pump and filter must be switched on at certain times, they mechanically filter the water by removing chunks of waste and debris with screen, sponge, or floss types of material. Fish waste exists mainly in the form of ammonia and excreted solids. The ammonia, if allowed to build up is the more toxic of the two. Biological filters available today can break down the ammonia by means of bacterial action into relatively harmless nitrates. Mechanical filters are generally used with the biological type to remove the solid particulate waste, though there are various types of each of these filters.

So much responsibility for something I thought you put in a bowl and feed it some fishsflakes now and then. Wish me lucj, I really don`t want her fish to die because she knows each one by different features and she would give me such a row haha. Anyways anybody else think looking after goldfish i a responsibility or pain ? leave a comment :D

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