GoldenEye 007

4 years ago

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Yet another game review! This one is called James Bond GoldenEye 007. Released in 1997 you play was the suave protagonist 007 James Bond as and tracks and tries to stop an old agent of the SIS as he takes over a Russian Nuclear Satellite to detonate over Brittan.

The game play`s controls are very well thought out and the way it`s laid out helps with ease of play on the hands and if very fun. This comes in real handy when welding a large variety of weapons. Graphics for the day were top notch and it paid off by helping the game become one of the most highest sold games in video game history. The sound effects were really well done, most of them were actual recordings of the real weapons they`re used from. And with stereo sound the effect added to the realism of the game. The soundtrack was computerized, but did well to match the songs from the movie. The story line of the video game basically follows the movie, but that`s where similarities end. Some fans were annoyed that it strayed a lot away from the movie, but fans loved it for this at the same time. The controls, graphics and story line, plus the amazing selection of weapons actually made this the most successful movie tie-in game ever made. This fact actually surprised many critics of the game as movie tie-in games tended to be rather poor quality and have very poor reception from fans a critics alike. Goldeneye is also said to have revived the Fist Person Shooter genre for consoles as they had suffered one poor showing after another for consoles. Many claim that if it wasn`t for GoldenEye then we would never have the great FPS games like Halo, Gears of War, and the Coll of Duty games of today.

All in all this game is a MUST play for any video game fan or James Bond fan. The great and fun FPSing, the terrific graphics, and great story, and the great sounds and soundtracks will keep you replaying this game over and over again for many many years, like it has with me. The Cheat Codes to the game are very good as well (nothing like shooting up you enemies with paintballs while being immortal!). I can guarantee you`ll have a lot of fun with it. So I highly recommend it.

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