Golden-I Nail Polish Review

2 years ago

I recently got myself some new nail polishes and have been super eager to try them out. This past weekend, I decided to paint my nails for Halloween. The color that I chose to use was Golden-I from Sally Hansen xtreme wear. I chose this gold color simply because I was Jasmine for Halloween and I didnt want blue nails, so I went for gold!

I purchased this particular polish at CVS and though Ive seen this brand around a lot, Ive never gotten it since I assumed from the design of the bottle that it was made for nail decoration. However when I opened the bottle to use it, I realized that the brush wasnt a thin decorating brush, but rather a thick brush made for painting nails. I was shocked, but after testing out the color, I found out that I really liked it and decided to paint all my nails this Golden-I color.

The color that you see here was acquired through two layers. One layer was good already, but I really liked the appearance of the polish after a second coat. It looks much richer and golder. The color itself is a metallic gold with what I feel are hints of silver in the color. So far, its been 5 days and the polish has only chipped on 1 nail.. For me, thats quite an accomplishment especially considering I was too lazy to use a top coat. Usually when I paint my nails, they begin to chip within 2-3 days since I use my hands a lot everyday. I also have a habit to pick at my nails which leads to chipping. Once I see too many chips and cracks in my color, I always start picking the polish off so Im really glad that this polish is staying on. I am considering getting my polishes from this line now!!!

What is your favorite polish brand?
What color is on your nails now?

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