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6 months ago

I`ve been addicted to coffee jelly ever since getting my first bite for desert while having dim sum. But there were only 4 pieces to share and it wasn`t enough to satisfy my craving. And as you guys may already know, when I live to eat something , I must try to make my own.
So I happened to be grocery shopping and saw this box of coffee jelly powder. It was only $1.79 for a box so I said why not.
Got home and finally made it after a few days. It was really easy to make. Waited for the jelly to set and tried it.
I gotta say, I didn`t like it. I actually didn`t like the texture more than the taste. The taste was okay but I just didn`t feel the texture. It was too firm for my liking. I like jelly that`s not to firm or soft. Somewhere in the middle. These were so firm that you can just eat them with your hands.
I don`t think I`ll be buying these again. Even though it was really easy to make, the texture just didn`t compensate for it.

coffee jelly

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