GOLD SHORTS still works for 2012 !!!

5 years ago

Remember when a lot of people used to wear glittery pants,shirts,shoes ,and more things that use to sparkle everywhere.I remember when my parents used to dress like that they supposedly look "cool"i mean it was there time and there year.

In 2007 or i don`t know what year the skinny jeans came back.I was like WTH skinny jeans were famous back then how could they come back to life lol But i started using them so i won`t be talking lol Now i can`t even wear normal pants because i feel uncomfortable .

This young lady who has great sense of style was wearing this peachy orange shirt.RED WAGE TOP that`s was the color she said but it looks more peachy too me.I thought this was a really cute top for spring.

i `ve seen these shirts everywhere i think i bought one last week ,but i already used it lol.a lot of people compliment about my shirt.I also like how it has these little bows on the shirt .The shorts that she is wearing are some FROCK SHORTS.I think these are really cute and girly.I`ve never owned glittery shorts and these are giving me ideas .For the shoes ,she is wearing some gold flats.I think they have to much glitter ,but it looks good on her.

I would of worn some heels,since i know how to walk in them .I wish i had her legs .This look would look nice for spring of 2012!!!!What do you think of this glittery look?would you wear it ?would you change anything?

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