Gold Medal Winner Admits To Cheating...

4 years ago

Another thing happen during the Olympics is that South African Gold medalist admitted he cheated! Lol! Their Olympic swimmer, Cameron de Burge recently busted his own chop by saying he isn`t the only one who did the dolphin kicks three times.

Since the judges didn`t have access to the underwater cameras they can`t disqualified him. For all swimmers one dolphin kick is allowed only in the beginning and one after each turn before they do their breaststroke. No lie how stupid can he get when he admits doing it, but yet to pin point out other swimmers as well. I would quote his statement, but click the source link to read it. I think he should be disqualified for not following the rules. It`s not fair when cheaters win! Tsk. Tsk.

1. Do you think he deserves to be punished?
2. Do you think he deserves the Gold medal for cheating? Hell no! Lol

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