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4 years ago

Goji has been feeling great the last time, and are made known to every day more studies and more detailed studies on this wonderful fruit.
So I give you to some of its properties and uses.
Goji is the fruit of Lycium barbarum plant, from the Himalayas (North China and Tibet). Presents itself in the form of soft red. Its appearance resembles much known to our raisins.
Although used for thousands of years in China, Tibet and India, both in food as a component of herbal formulas of traditional Chinese medicine, only began to attract the interest of Western science, when it began to discover its nutritional quality and its power antioxidant.

I`ll show you the main benefits:

Protects the body from aging and increases longevity
Promotes energy and well-being in general
Protects against cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory
Strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system
Some studies show as having anti-cancer properties
Fighting Arthritis
Lowers cholesterol
Balances the pressure of the blood levels of
In the digestive process and helps in losing weight
Improves insulin levels in diabetics
Improves cataracts, blurred vision and hearing
Strengthens and supports the healthy function of liver and kidney
Strengthens bones and tendons
Maintains a healthy nervous system
Protects the skin from sun damage
Enhances libido and sexual performance
Promotes fertility hehe

It is worth noting that one should eat 20 cherries per day early in the morning ...

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