Ive been hearing so much well about this miraculous little red berries, called Goji that I finally decided to try them. Yesterday I bought this little pack.
Today we easily found it in any supermarket and it seems they are here to stay (at least here in my country and all around Europe).

For all I know, these berries contain many beneficial properties for health and it promisses to:
Protects the body from aging and increases longevity
Promotes energy and well-being in general.
Protects and fight against various cancers.
Maintain a healthy nervous system.
Protects skin from damage caused by the Sun
Fighting cellulite formation
Among many others benefits, theyre considered the most nutritious and powerful food due its nutritive richness and antioxidant power.

It`s no wonder that these little berries are an extraordinary phenomenon of success throughout the world.
They are tasty, easy to incorporate into day-to-day meals. For all this properties I think Im gonna eat it all the time :), theyre good to mix with my cereal, yogurts and salads or even as a snack.

So what are you waiting for eat Goji all the time :D

Do you know Goji? Have you ever ate it?

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