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Alright everybody, vegans and vegetarians get such a bad rap for not eating meat and I just don`t understand why. I went vegetarian about a month and a half a go, and I`m transitioning to vegan and it`s probably the best thing I`ve ever done for my body. I feel so much better then when I did when I ate animal products. About two years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn`s Disease and it cut a lot of the foods I normally ate out of my diet, and now that I don`t eat animal products, I have absolutely NO problems with my stomach. I`ve lost a healthy amount of weight, and I`ve slimmed down, a lot of the fat on my body has disappeared rather than adding on the pounds when eating animal products.

I`ll admit at first it was tough, and even when I smelled chicken cooking my mouth would start to water, and I would crave it. I always felt guilty when I craved meat, I hated it. After awhile the cravings started to go away because all you have to do it think about the torture and neglect that the animals go through. There are so many documentaries that have been mad where reporters have snuck cameras into slaughter houses and the pure hatred that the workers have for the welfare of the animals is disgusting.

There are also TONS of statistics that show that slaughter houses are NOT GOOD for the planet. All the corn, grain and soybeans that we see growing in the USA about 60-80% if given to the animals in slaughterhouses. And guess what! ANIMALS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE CORN! Corn is only given to the animals because it is cheap and easy to grow. Also all the manure that slaughterhouses produce, produces more CO2 than all the cars in the USA. So technically eating animals is hurting the environment also.

There are SO MANY alternatives to meat, and SO MANY vegetables that have protein in them, that there`s no way you could have a protein deficiency if you converted to a no meat diet! You will feel so much better about yourself and be happier to know that you are SAVING the environment, instead of destroying it.

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