Going Greek and Meaningful Stuff

5 years ago

So...I have been MIA for the past few months because I was pledging for a sorority. Nothing professional or anything like I should have been doing. More social. Let me tell you. If you want to go greek, take the professional road. I learned the hard way. I got dropped 8th week due to several reasons which are really ridiculous if I think about it now, but I guess I became a stronger person from it.

Anyways, I have a brother that is in greek and his gf which I am really annoyed with at the moment that is in greek also. She is in LKS or licks or Lambda Kappa Sigma and he is in PDC or Phi Delta Chi. I made these cookies for them. My brother made himself a paddle cookie and made me the cookies in the next pic too. They have meaning :)

smiley face: he wants me to smile in hardship and stay strong
skull: i am pure evil
hand: i always ask him to hold my hand. :)

The last pic are cookies I made my girl friend. Her name is Jennifer W so Jen W and I made a protein container cause she loves to work out and I made her hearts and stars just because..

These cookie recipe is really good. the cookies hold their shape and do not melt together when they are being baked. I love them and advise you to look them up.

Nigella Lawson`s cut out cookies
DO NOT REPLACE BUTTER WITH OIL even though I tell you it is okay, it is NOT okay for them.

**pics are mine**

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