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2 years ago

Going Crazy For CVS Clearance Sales

Hey everyone! This haul was definitely long over due. I was surprised that I hadn`t post it already. I think it was because I went so many times during the CVS Clearance Sale that there were some hauls that I just forgot to post. Next time, I am just going to save all my clearance items and combine them all into one collection haul post because we all know that whenever CVS has their clearance sales, I always end up going more than once. This time I probably went five times, which is a bit crazy but I couldn`t help it, especially seeing all the great items that everybody else gets.

I can`t remember how much I paid for these items but I can remember that I had coupons for almost every item but one. Plus they were all on clearance and chances were that I had used a 20% off CVS coupon since I always get those during these sales, which saves me even more money. Out of this haul, there were only two products that I have never tried before and have always been curious about. I admit, if they were never on clearance, I would have never bought them. Yes, I am that much of a cheapie. LOL The only time when I buy something that I <strong>WANT</strong> and not <strong>NEED</strong> is when the item is on sale and if I have any coupons for it. I just hate wasting money on items that I just want because they are new on the market and maybe end up hating them.

In this haul, I only bought 4 items and all of them are beauty items. I bought two L`Oreal items, one CoverGirl, and one Essence of Beauty brush. The items that I bought were:
<strong>L`Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara "985 Blackest Black"</strong>
<strong>L`Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner "920 Gold Charge"</strong>
<strong>CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor "540 Pink Delight"</strong>
<strong>Essence of Beauty Smokey Eye Shadow Brush</strong>

So that is all for my haul. I didn`t buy much but I sure did save a lot with my coupons! The only products that I have tried so far is the CG Outlast and the Essence of Beauty brush. If you didn`t know already, Essence of Beauty is a CVS store brand and can only be found at CVS stores. They have some really great quality, affordable brushes that definitely don`t get noticed much as they should. If you would like to see any reviews on these products, please let me know!

Did you buy anything from the CVS clearance sale a while back?
Have you tried any of these products?


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