GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE- Little Fall Gobblers

These little turkeys are something that I ran across yesterday- I`m making them for my Broadcasting class next week. They are so cute! I wrote the instructions myself- do not copy please!

Nutter Butters
Jelly Bellys (Pineapple, Cheery, SUNKIST Orange or Tangerine!)
Mini Brown M&M (just pick the brown ones out)
Resses PB Cups
White Betty Crocker Cookie Icing (in a tube)
Oreos (not double stuff)
Candy Corn
Wax Paper

1. Take a Oreo and scrape out the middle stuff. Place it on a sheet of wax paper.

2. Take a Nutter Butter, frosting, M&M`s, and Jelly Beans. This step is easier sitting. Put the frosting on like they have done in the picture. Add the eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Grab the frosting and put a glob (refer to the picture) in the middle of the Oreo.

4. Now, you will need to grab the Nutter Butter you decorated(dried) , the other half of your Oreo (no filling) and a PB cup. Take the frosting and glue them together (refer agin to pic.)

4. Add the Candy Corn.

5. Put the top of the turkey in the middle of the frosting. Add the feet.

6. Let it dry for awhile before serving.

7. ENJOY! :)

~With Love,

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