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4 years ago

Recently about a few months ago I decided it was best to stop eating crap and get into shape. I`ve always been insecure about my weight and the way i look and i know i`m not the biggest girl in the world, however, I feel that I will feel better about myself and about my health if i start incorporating vegs and fruits in my diet and start working-out. I started this change around 2-3 months ago. Although i have lost some weight since then, i feel that i can lose a bit more pounds.

Before weight: 152lbs
current weight:143lbs

Now I have lost 9 pounds and I am really proud of the pounds i did lose and i have had people tell me that I don`t need to shed weight and that i look perfectly fine. However, I have been eating nothing but fast food since last year due to work ( I work at fast food resturant ) and I gained tonnes of pound due to this change in my diet. Therefore, I have been since then incorporating back the foods that i use to eat when i was little like salads and apples into my diet and started working-out as a bonus to tone my body a bit. My set weight for now is 135lbs which I see as a good set goal because its not an impossible one. I plan on eating more healthy this time because before this i did still sometimes cheap a bit on my diet. But in no way am i going to deprive myself or stick to a 600 calories per day diet. I find that highly dangerous and impossible because i know that it is plan i will eventually not be able to keep up with.

If anyone wants me to post an exact diet and exercise post from the my work-out routine to the food i ate please let me know.

Thanks for reading :)

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