Go Ombre!

4 years ago

Ombre has been a popular trend for the Summer. What I should do to my hair during different seasons is stay light for the Summer and darker for the Fall/Winter season. I have no clue why that is though.

Anyways, I just recently went ombre again. By again meaning the right way because before I did ombre by myself with some foil and bleach and 40 Volume developer on a boring Saturday night. I thought it looked good. But in pictures I look back and I am just like ew what the hell was I thinking? It only looked good curled and I did not want to curl my hair everyday as to it is too high maintenance for me to wake up early and curl my hair considering I have already killed my hair multiple times already by bleaching it and coloring it unnatural colors such as blue and purple!

So I decided that for my first trip to a fancy salon in midtown, to go ombre and actually do it the right way because Ombre can only look right if it is done by someone who knows what to do and have been doing the dark to lighter trend for a long time.

SOOOOOoOoOO, I went to the salon and after 3 hours, I came out of the salon looking FAB-U-LOUS, I might say. My stylist told me I had to go back in two weeks to get my hair more toned. But I liked it the first time because it was lighter. When I went back she made it a little darker which I didn`t like but I still LOVE my hair don`t get me wrong.

In the pictures as you can see I have terrible split ends but that`s just a small price to pay if you want beautiful gorgeous hair. But I had to pay a BIG price for the ombre trend but it was TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY worth it. I had to splurge a little on my first trip to the salon come on now.

What do you guys think about the ombre trend? Out of style? Love the way it looks? Is your hair ombre? Leave a comment below and tell me about!!!:)<3
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