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5 years ago

Hey guys!

So here`s my Glymm Box post as I mentioned in my Topbox post.

I was overall NOT in any way shape or form pleased with this months box and I will be emailing them and let them know just how displeased I am. Anyways I am just going to get right to it.

Nu-Me feather hair extensions in that hideous fushia pink color. First off I`m sure some people will like this but I for one borderline hate it! Because A) I do not use extensions B) and especially these kind of `trendy` ones C)when we fill out those profiles when we sign up for the service my profile (at least the majority of it) was very neutral and classic styles so what in the bloody hell made them think that this was going to be something that I would enjoy?

There was a nail polish in there (that was prob the only upside to this months box) from a brand called Ocean which I`ve never heard of and came up with NOTHING when I googled it and that to me is a little wee bit shady. However the color is kind of nice I don`t know how it`s gonna look on or chip or whatnot till I actually try it out.

And then there were two Masam products - first one called Magic Fini which is like a tinted moisturizer/foundation HOWEVER it`s in a dark color! I am WHITE! So white that in the laura mercier tinted moisturizer I am the lightest shade which is called porcelain (when my friend saw that she laughed at me lol). So how did they think that this was going to work? The next one is called perfect teint which is a anti aging product I AM 22! yea there`s such a thing as preventive care but I am not going to start at 22! get serious!

Overall as I said in the beginning I am quite displeased because the products were just flops in general and out of the 4 I will only get any use out of one. The other three are useless. It`s like they did a poor job on getting companies to submit samples (because a lot of other peoples` boxes have been identical minus one product) and we as the consumer/costumer got the short end of the stick.
Also it`s like the beauty profiles they make us waste our time filling out are for nothing because in the last couple of months there`s been NOTHING personalized about the boxes.

Sorry if this was a bit of a rant/angry post but I just a little frustrated.

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