Glutinous Rice Balls

4 years ago

Hey everyone I promised some one on here a few days ago how to make glutinous rice balls so here it is. I enjoy eating these every now and then so I hope you guys enjoy this post.

Ingredients include glutinous rice flour(pictured above) which can be purchased at your local oriental store, water and sugar(optional).

*NOTE: I don`t measure so most of the "measurements" are actually just me guessing on the measurements. Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone. I grew up eating this and making this with my mom and she doesn`t really measure so I never really measure either.

I like to start off by pouring half of the bag of glutinous rice flour into a bowl. This part is optional but if you want a little bit of sweetness you can add a tablespoon or so of sugar into a cup and mix in about a cup of water. Mix the water and sugar mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved. Gradually mix and stir the solution into the flour until it becomes a little bit softer than playdough but can still hold itself in a ball like in the picture above. On high heat bring about three cups of water to a bubble. Start pinching off and rolling the dough into marble sized balls and throw them into the water. Make sure to remember that it matters not if the water is boiling but if the balls float. Once all the balls that you`ve made float that means they are cooked and you can take them off the heat. Let it cool and it is ready to serve.

I hope this helps out those who like eating these! Thanks for reading and I`ll see you guys later!

*Pictures belong to me.*

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