Gloss Out 2012!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! So I just realized that I have a bunch of lip products I`ve accumulated over the years (see picture above). I`ve realized that I definitely have enough lip products to last me the rest of my life, and I don`t even know if I`ll be able to use it all up. So I`ve decided I`m going to put myself on
Gloss Out 2012. I know I should have started at the beginning of the year at January, but I still wanted to get some other things (ex: lip butters). I know, shame on me. But I decided to start this gloss out on
February, 1, 2012. For those who are unfamiliar with gloss out, it was invented by a youtuber back in 2010 and you can watch her intro video on youtube I am, however, not going cold turkey... meaning I`m not telling myself that I can`t buy any lip products for the rest of the year. I`ve made some conditions that`ll hopefully help me keep to this project. I think I want to do this project for more than just 2012, but my conditions will definitely reset every year at the beginning of the year. So here are my conditions:
01 I can buy 4 lip products per year.
02 For every 2 lip products I used up, I can buy another lip product. For instant, let`s say I finish four lip products by June and haven`t bought any lip products yet. By then, I can buy 6 lip products until the end of the year without breaking my gloss out conditions. I hope that made sense! I know this will be a hard and long journey and I am determined to keep to it... hopefully drugstore brands won`t be releasing new and tempting things for a while! I definitely encourage any of you guys who would love to join me, and we can keep each other strong! I will definitely be doing updates randomly as I either use up things or buy new things.
ANY NEW LIP PRODUCT HAULS YOU SEE FROM ME AFTER THIS POST IS AFTER I STARTED MY GLOSS OUT! Have you ever gone on something like this before? Got comments, questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comment section below! *images are mine*
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