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Hey everyone!
The posts I love to see the most here on Luuux are Beauty & Fashion hauls and Skincare Routines :D Since I do a lot of beauty and fashion hauls, I thought it was time I shared my own skincare routine with the Luuux community :) These are the products I am currently using and have been using for a while now (mostly everything for 6+ months). This is simply the routine that works for me, so I recommend every product listed, but do not guarantee it will work for you.

First, I`ll start off by explaining my skin. I generally have oily/combination skin, mostly on the oily side, and my skin is definitely NOT perfect. I have a lot of post-acne blemishes and I always break out before that time of the month (either a few small scattered pimples or one to two larger pimples :T). This routine however, has minimized the amount of breakouts and significantly reduced the oiliness of my skin.


____ My Morning Routine

1) Cleanse with the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
- This is my favorite face wash that gently exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and smooth :) It has an in between cream-gel consistency with small green beads embedded in it. I personally think it smells great and does a great job of removing any impurities on the skin. It does have a slight cooling sensation (so for those with sensitive skin, be aware of that). I do believe it`s gentle enough for even sensitive skin users, however~ Couldn`t do my skincare routine without this product! Absolutely love it <3
[*I think Biore has redone their whole skincare line, and now all of the products come in a blue&white packaging? I haven`t tried them yet, so cannot say if they have the same formulation and perform the same.]

1.5) About twice a week I cleanse with the Laneige Pore Clear Cleansing Foam (not pictured)
- I alternate face washes because my skin tends to become resistant to skincare products if used too often. I apologize that I didn`t take a picture of it, but I don`t highly recommend this product anyway. It`s just basically a cleanser that I use to alternate between that doesn`t do any harm, but doesn`t seem to do any good either. It has a slightly grainy texture, so leaves your skin feeling really smooth...however, it strips my face a little too much and leaves it feeling dry :( This also smells like a mix between soap and some sort of chemical. It`s just okay; It`s one of those products I use just because *shrugs*.

2) Tone with the Biore Triple Action Astringent using the Missha The Premium Silk-Feel Cotton Puffs
- This is my favorite toner! Like the Pore Unclogging Scrub, it also has a slight cooling sensation. It removes impurities, excess dirt&oil, and anything left on your face after washing it :) It leaves your face feeling super refreshed and doesn`t dry your skin out. Love this <3

3) Moisturize with The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
- My holy grail moisturizer :D Perfect for people with oily skin. It has a very light, watery cream consistency that mattifies my skin without drying it out. In fact, it leaves my skin feeling perfectly moisturized and super velvety smooth! It really doesn`t do anything for me for blemishes like it claims, but I love it for how it moisturizes and keeps my skin oil free for most of the day! (If you`re sensitive to smells, the Tea Tree line products all have a pretty strong scent, so make sure you check that out before purchasing it!)


____ My Night Routine

1) Cleanse with the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser using the Clarisonic Mia
- These 2 products are the newest additions to my skincare routine. Definitely loving both! The cleanser has a liquid-gel consistency and has a stronger cooling sensation than the Pore Unclogging Scrub. Using the cleanser with the Clarisonic Mia has had the greatest impact on my skin! They leave my skin feeling incredibly clean and smooth, and I believe the combination of the two significantly reduces my breakouts and fights breakouts much more quickly :) I now understand why everyone loves the Clarisonic <3 Totally improved the texture of my skin, slowly evening it out day by day~ After using these two, however, my skin does tend to feel a bit dry (probably a combination of the cooling effect and the exfoliation), however after I tone and moisturize, I am fine :]

2) Tone with the Biore Triple Action Astringent using the Missha The Premium Silk-Feel Cotton Puffs (same as the morning)

3) Moisturize with The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
- I don`t see any results with blemish fading, but I simply use this lotion at night because it`s a bit thicker to last throughout the night while still providing that moisturized & mattified effect :] It doesn`t feel like it`s clogging your pores by any means, so I like it~

4) Apply The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
- I only apply this on nights when I know I won`t get a lot of sleep or my eyes are feeling really tired. It has a light cream texture, but feels more watery than creamy when applied under the eyes. It also has an odd scent that isn`t overbearing, but bothered me a little at first. As for the product performance, I do think it is very hydrating and seems to help when my eyes are distressed. I do not have dark circles, however, so cannot say if it reduces the appearance of them :( sorry! I do think it helps with under eye puffiness though :)

5) Exfoliate with The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash
- This is my #1 exfoliating scrub! I use it about once a week for a more abrasive exfoliation; however, it doesn`t feel too harsh and does wonders for reducing oiliness! It also has been helpful in the improvement of the tone and texture of my skin. This is the one actual skincare product (not including the Clarisonic Mia) that I receive instant gratification with after use :D It has a cream-gel consistency with small apricot stones in it to exfoliate your skin. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft - after use I feel like my skin is brighter and youthful :) Highly recommend this!


____ Other Skincare Steps

1) Remove Makeup with the Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Foaming Cleanser
- This does a phenomenal job of removing all makeup! It has a cream-gel consistency and lathers to a foam. One thing with Laneige cleansers that I use that I`ve noticed is that it gives my skin that `squeeky` clean feeling that I hate. I know that doesn`t sound bad, but after using it my face feels stripped and dry, therefore I have to tone & moisturize immediately afterwards~ That`s the only downfall, but I don`t mind it because I don`t wear makeup everyday and don`t need to use this all that often~

2) Moisturize my body with the Pond`s Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer
- I know this was developed to be used on the face, but I like to use it for my body. One reason for that is because I have oily skin and I don`t think this would be great for that. Another reason is because it`s one of those products that you need to scoop out with either some sort of spoon-like tool or your fingers. I ONLY use this after coming out of the shower, and I use my fingers to scoop out the lotion, however I know bacteria can still build up...and I don`t want that on my face. I think it`s great for use on the body though! It`s a super light-weight cream that applies and moisturizes my skin like a dream :) It leaves my skin incredibly smooth and soft~ I also have a lot of bug bites that have left dark marks on my legs, and I honestly think this product has been helping to eliminate them :D It has a very light floral/fruity scent and is just amazing stuff :)

3) Sanitize + Moisturize Hands with the Bath & Body Works HandiBac Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion
- I carry this around in my purse to use as a hand sanitizer and lotion :D Winter Candy Apple is a scent from their holiday collection and it`s one of my favorite scents from B&BW :) I like to sanitize my hands a lot (i have clean freak tendencies ;^^) and normal hand sanitizers - if used too much - tend to dry out my hands~ This is a great way to sanitize AND moisturize, and I absolutely love it :] It leaves my hands super soft & smooth...and CLEAN! yay!

4) Moisturize Hands with the Etude House Missing U Hand Cream in Panda Story
- This is just a hand cream I purchased mainly for the packaging :P haha, but it actually smells really nice and moisturizes the hands really nicely :) It has a peachy+floral scent and is very similar in texture to the pond`s moisturizer above~ It`s small enough to be taken around in your purse, but again, I don`t like how you have to scoop out the product with your hands to use it. I use it on occasion if I happen to wash my hands before heading to bed~ Honestly...the panda is just adorable, so I`ll probably just keep it to leave on my dresser after the lotion is all used up ^^


Whew, that was really long! I hope that wasn`t too boring, and hopefully some of you found it helpful! Again, these are just products that I personally like to use and that work for my skin :) Feel free to leave any suggestions you may have for me down below! If you have any questions, leave those down below as well :D
Thanks for reading, and as always...feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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