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Remember to click the pictures for the best quality & clarity (: Hey Luuux! It`s already December, which means Fall is coming to an end and Winter will commence before we know it! :D I gathered up my most used Fall nail polishes, and also the ones I plan to use frequently during the Winter, to share with all of you! I thought I had a pretty good variety of colors and finishes, so hope you enjoy it! Keep reading for more details on what exactly they are! ^^ ________________________________________________________________
From Left to Right:
OPI Nail Lacquer in `Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous`: This came out in the Fall 2010 OPI Swiss Collection. It`s a beautiful gunmetal metallic polish with silver iridescent shimmers in it. Although it`s a glitter polish, it`s not gritty at all; it actually has a smooth and glossy finish on its own! On the nails, it reflects light like moonbeams, making it the perfect holiday polish! It`s opaque in 2 coats and applies very smoothly :)
Revlon Nail Enamel in `Whimsical`: This became really popular because it`s almost an exact dupe for Deborah Lippmann`s `Glitter in the Air` for a fraction of the cost! It`s basically a milky, sky blue base with teal and pink smaller and larger hexagonal glitters. It applies very smoothly and I find that the brush picks up the glitters well. It`s a pretty sheer polish, but over a white polish, it`s good in about 2-3 coats. On it`s own it`ll probably need about 5 coats for full opacity, but it`s so pretty! It reminds me of really crisp and cold snowy sky :)
Peripera Rose Nail Polish in `BR202 Modern Beige`: This is the polish that plunged me into my love for nude nails! It`s more of a pinky nude, so it doesn`t make your hands look deceased, and gives a nice natural, sophisticated looking finish :) It`s relatively glossy without a top coat and the formulation is excellent! On its own, it lasts about a 5 days without chipping. With a base & top coat, it has lasted me for 10 days and would have probably lasted longer, but I removed it because my nails were growing out. It is opaque in 1.5 coats, but I generally apply 2 just to be safe. The brush applicator is the perfect size for my nails, and it applies evenly and smoothly without problems!
Sephora by OPI Top Coat in `Only Gold For Me`: This is the ever so raved about golden glitter top coat that everyone loves! I have to agree with the rave and say it`s absolutely beautiful, but I do find it a little difficult to work with. It`s basically a clear base with smaller golden glitters, as well as larger golden hexagonal glitter pieces. As a full-on top coat, I think it provides a nice, glittery effect on the entire nail. The brush doesn`t pick up the glitters as well as I`d like them to though. The base is a little goopy, so if you just want to apply the glitters to a portion of the nail, it leaves a thick, uneven surface on that part of the nail. I think it would work a lot better on top of a finer golden glitter polish to create a gradient effect. All in all, I`m glad I own it and I love it on top of the Peripera Modern Beige! :D
Revlon Nail Enamel in `Facets of Fuchsia` (renamed `Scandalous`): This is another one of the Revlon glitter polishes that got pretty popular a while back because of it being a close dupe for Deborah Lippmann`s `Bad Romance`. I`d say they are pretty similar, but the Revlon one has more brighter, fuchsia purple glitters, whereas the DL has deeper purple glitters. It`s basically a jelly-like black base with purple-ish fuchsia smaller and larger hexagonal glitters. This also applies very evenly and nicely, and is opaque in about 2-3 coats. It almost looks like a jelly polish, and it glitters reflect light really beautifully so that it doesn`t look too dark & vampy. Great for the colder winter months! A pain to remove, but definitely super pretty!
OPI Nail Lacquer in `We`ll Always Have Paris`: This one came out in the Fall 2008 La Collection De France. It`s probably my favorite Fall/Winter polish! I guess I was early on the oxblood trend, because this was one of my first polishes ever! It`s a deep wine, oxblood color with brown undertones. Applied generously, it can appear almost black in certain lighting with a hint of plum, but with 2 coats, it looks exactly like it does in the bottle. It`s a creme finish that is very glossy and applies very nicely :) ________________________________________________________________ I`m pretty sure you can guess that I love the OPI formulation a lot :) OPI is definitely my favorite polish formulation that`s readily available! I apologize that most of the ones I mentioned were limited edition, but I didn`t know that they were when I purchased them. I believe you can still find them on places like Amazon though :D The Peripera ones are not as accessible, but I will say that they are probably my absolute favorite polishes of all time :D If I get to go to Korea, I`m gonna definitely scoop up more! If you`re interested, the one I mentioned isn`t available, but you can purchase some of the Peripera Rose Polish line shades! The Revlon glitter polishes are definitely the most affordable and unique out of this bunch :D They`re available at most drugstores, ULTA, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. so check them out :)
Tell me: Have you tried any of these nail polishes? What are you favorite Fall/Winter polishes? Leave a comment below with your answers down below! If you have any questions, leave those down below for me as well :D
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