Glittery White Tips amp Flowers!

5 years ago

I just painted my nails and I have to say I ADORE them! So cute and springy, I think. So, I decided I would take some pictures and put up instructions on how I did it. So leggo~*

What you need:

Clear polish.

Nude polish.

Pink glitter.

White polish.

Base coat.

Deco flowers.

Top coat.

1. Remove any color on your nails.

So first start out by taking off any polish you already have on.

2. Apply base coat.

Continue on to putting on a base coat to make your nails smooth. I used Mineral Fix base coat for mine.

3. Apply nude polish. (A see through light pink works too.)

Put a light layer of nude polish all over your nails to give it a soft shine.

4. Create white tips.

The best way to create white french manicure tips is by putting some tape over your nails and applying it that way. Make sure you remove the tape before it dries.

5. Apply glitter.

Go ahead and put some glitter all over your freshly manicured nails!

6. Put some decorative flower pieces on your thumbs.

You can get these little deco flowers from anywhere, Ebay, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.

7. Apply top coat.

Finish it off by adding a good amount of top coat to seal the deal on your cute spring designed nails and you`re done! enjoy. xo

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