Glazes for the job: What to use?

Here are some tips for choosing the color of the enamel of the job interview and the day to day work!

The fashion and different colored enamels are in the hands of many women, the holographic crackle, the changing of color, vibrant colors and glitter, are doing more and more success. Even the professionals who require a more serious appearance and behaved are adopting these colors. But is looks good? That is what we see in today`s article.

In the world we live appearance is important, be careful with what they wear, with makeup, accessories, even the enamel used on a desktop. Many jobs do not hinder the choice of nail polish and makeup, as one of a shop selling funky, fashion professionals, can dare and abuse and different colors of enamel, but what about those positions that require serious? And the first job interview? What polish to use?

Some companies require a serious and discreet appearance. Imagine a lawyer with a lime green nail polish? Particularly I think every employee should use the type of makeup, hair and nail color I wanted, after all these details do not measure the ability of the professional, but unfortunately society is not so and depending on the chosen decoration and glaze, you can call more attention that their commitment and work.
Besides the details of the visual color of the nail must be chosen according to their work. See tips:
- First you must be inside of your working environment, observing their colleagues, including his boss, choose their clothes, accessories and nail polish. Even in more serious jobs you can use flashy colors of nail polish. This type of requirement varies from company to company;
- Remember that your appearance is your calling card, regardless of the core carrying your enamel, your nails should always be well cared for. Even if you do not paint your nails or do, keep cuticles hydrated and sanded;
- Where the enamel chipping, remove it. Do not wait for it to completely peel, remove before peeling nails can give an appearance of carelessness;
- Be careful with the red color, they are sexy and flashy, and can pass a wrong view of you;
- In the job interview you should have extra caution. If you do not know the company you choose to polish neutral, if you do not know the interviewer and the company takes care of sight that will pass. Many interviewers are too demanding, and pay much attention on the color and size of your nails.
After these fine tips, I decided to separate some glazes that you may be using the day to day work or when trying to a job interview.
The neutral glaze may be used in any position, they are discrete, and has a wide variety of shades.

The glazes of colors like dark purple, wine to black, pass a vision and an air of seriousness of modernism. Be careful with these glazes not to weigh the visual.

These colors of enamel are beyond the ordinary, but should be used with caution until the pastel colors, is perfect for those who do not like and want to dare in nude colors without attracting much attention. Already the red should be used with caution for the use of red nails should be trimmed and not to leave too sexy.

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