Glasses wearers can wear eye makeup too!

If you wear eye glasses (prescription or other) like I do, wearing eye makeup can be a bit intimidating, because some people will say that it looks weird or sometimes just plain uncomfortable. The thing is... you want to wear your makeup according to your frame`s shape and style and even color.
Frames like I am wearing in the image above are squared in shape and dark in color, retro style. Because the frames are thicker than say... a wire frame, you could easily pull off a dark and bold look. A nice, bold winged eye liner or cat eye will also work well with these types of frames. Smokey eyes will work well with these types of frames because they will stand out behind the glasses and add drama to your eyes without competing heavily with your glasses. Retro style glasses hold a bolder eye well, compare to other glasses. So if you are someone like me that likes to rock a bright and bold look and are on the hunt for some glasses - try the Retro style. They are timeless, those types of frames that pretty much never go out of style and they will allow you to take on a lot of strong eye makeup looks without competing with your actual eye color or your glasses.

Using I-Candy Couture`s Sweet Kicks eye shadow as an eyeliner.
In the Nerdy Hello Kitty Frames I`m using in the photo above - while they are not prescription, the same rules would apply. Because these are larger framed and wider framed glasses, it will definitely allow for your eyes to shine through the lens. The key point in that would be to ensure that your makeup has a bit of drama to them, but without having a very dramatic look. My favorite type of eye makeup choice for these frames are would be a neutral look with a pop of bright color (purple, blue or pink). You could also use the color as an all over eye liner. As you can see from the photo above - I took an eye shadow and used it as an eyeliner for the top and bottom lash line. This allowed my eyes to peak through with a bit of drama, without overpowering the look and creating more shadow under the eyes then necessary. If you are going to choose to use Black eyeliner along with your "pop of color" - try rimming your tightline and waterline instead so that it doesn`t make your eyes appear to be smaller (which glasses tend to naturally do already).
Wire Frames... I wish I had a photo of me using my Wire Framed glasses. It`s not one of my favorites so you won`t catch me using them often (but if I do take a photo with them, I`ll be sure to post an update). They tweak so easily because of the wire frame, so it never fits right. lol But, wire framed glasses are a little trickier to use - especially if you like to rock a bright and bold look. Neutral colored looks work best with Wire Frames. Since the frames are thin, it adds to the look instead of competing with your glasses frames. If you truly must have some color - then take your brightest or boldest makeup color and apply it in your crease for added drama. It will create definition and contour your eyes without competing with your frames.
Shape up your brows and get that arch perfect. This is important - because many times certain glasses will mask your beautiful brows. So make sure your brows are groomed (wax or color them in if you must) and make sure you have a little bit of an arch or dramatic arch if you please... because this will allow them to really peak through your eyes. Regardless of the style or shape of your frames, this tip is important. Groom those eye brows to perfection.

Using I-Candy Couture`s Tickled Teal, Chantilly, Chocolate and Frost Bite eye shadows
Also - if you are about to get glasses and love to wear makeup but are not sure as to what to ask for one important suggestion is to ask your Optometrist to add an Anti Glare coating to your lenses, this way - it will eliminate the glare and really allow your eye makeup to shine - without distorting the look in any way. It may cost a little more to get this done - but trust me, it will make all the difference in your look and will truly compliment your gorgeous peepers more.
Lastly (but certainly not least) - when choosing your eye shadow shades, aim for brighter shades that will not only compliment your look but skin tone. Glasses tend to create shadows in the eye area and if you naturally have dark circles under your eyes - it can make you look tired or even create the illusion that you have had your makeup on for hours. Make sure to add concealer if you must and set so that it will not run or fade. But when choosing your eye shadow colors - bright shades are always a great compliment. And, like I mentioned previously... since glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller - aim for a "makeup look" rather than a "no makeup look" because it will truly open up your eyes and create the definition you will want so your peepers are prominant behind the lens. If you are not feeling eye makeup on any given day - at least add some mascara to your look... it will make a whole lot of difference. Black mascara on the lower and upper lashes will create a little bit of drama without overpowering you and will allow your beautiful eyes to really show through.

I hope this helped some of my fellow glasses wearers. I always wear glasses, whether they are my prescription lenses or sun glasses and have really looked into the best ways to wear your makeup for this purpose. I will be working on future tutorials that will help with this as well and will be sure to include different glasses shapes. Stay tuned.

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