Glasses against headache

4 years ago

Today I am in health, just because we used to look for those gadgets that just makes us good for our ego. But we`ve never bothered to find gadgets for our physical well-being and there are many. In the previous post I showed how to relieve back pain if they are in when those who have a headache just thinking about lock themselves in a room and put a pillow over his head? So enjoy and bet on these glasses that transform this idea into reality. With lenses and sensors that are black around the eyes, this gadget does massage while decreasing any ambient light in which you are.

Perfect for those who work all day, the device will help you to recover from a migraine. Now if people ask what they are doing, just say that the glasses have just been launched in Europe and are just testing.

But it is worth seeking innovative gadgets for our health ...

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