Glass in your food.

2 years ago

My mom and I snuck out to dinner last night before we ran to the grocery store for a late dinner. We went to a local Japanese steak house called Sagano`s, you can find Sagano`s in a few different locations across Michigan the one we went to is in Flint. We were enjoying our meal and our chef and as we finished I took one of the scallops off my moms plate and ate it. I bit into something crunchy and I figured it was sand from the scallop which isn`t uncommon. I bit down again and it crunched hard under my teeth so I spit it own.
I was disgusted to find a piece of glass. After taking a moment to collect myself I found yet another piece of glass in my mouth from the food. My mother was horrified, and I was pretty grossed out. Everyone at the table was nearing the end of their meal and I started to question where the glass came from and where else it could be. My mother and I both refused to finish our meal and we alerted the waitress of the problem. She went and talked with the own and the owner decided that she would give us 20% off of our meal to apologize.
My mother was furious. She eats at this restaurant multiple times a week for lunch, and we`ve never had a bad experience their before, but to be treated to poorly and for the owner to have no regard for the safety of the customers was disgusting. The owner herself wouldn`t even come to the table.
The waitress made the decision that my meal should be free and not just discounted.

What made the situation worse in my opinion? The other people seated at the table rolled their eyes at us and made rude comments to me and my mother for `over reacting`. I don`t understand how they could be so calm when all of the food was prepared together, and having a piece of glass in one meal most likely means that it is in the others as well.
The one family had a little boy who couldn`t have been more then two years old and they had no regard or fear for their child.
My mom wasn`t sure what we should do medically so she called our family doctors after hours phone line and he called back saying as long as there is no stomach pain to be at his office first thing in the morning for an X-Ray.
So I took the morning off and went to the doctors office. He said that the glass itself wouldn`t show up in an X-Ray, but any damage that could be caused by it would, and we didn`t have any sign of damage. He said to keep an eye out for any pain for the next week and after that we should be in the clear.

Hopefully no one actually swallowed any and the two piece I found was it. I couldn`t have been angrier at how the owner handled the situation.
Before we left the restaurant we went out of our way to talk to her and she just kept saying she was to busy and that she talked to the kitchen so everything was fine.
I`m glad she thinks so, because we sure didn`t.

Have you ever found anything undesirable in your food? If so I hope it was handled better then this. I will not be advising anyone to go to this restaurant and certainly will never be back to that location personally.

The photo`s above belong to me. The second picture is of the two glass pieces.

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