Glamour Of The Uniform

4 years ago

In my double life of nanny-babysitter-rounder from repetitions to guitar lessons I found myself chatting with a girl of 11 years while watching television.
Now, we assume that the television series for pre-teens are ALL pretty much the same (we sing we dance we suffer for love) the one that struck me was the statement of A. "Too bad we are not in school uniforms." Yes, because other key component is the setting with adjoining school uniform, sometimes only thing for me to distinguish one from the other series, the Patty with its white and burgundy , with his "adventure beige", Grachi with its riot of colors (orange and green tie skirt ... I had magical powers as she would be my first change ...) and so on.
The uniform has always appealed to me at school, the idea of not having to think about what to wear the next day, the thought of not being included in some group only for what you wear ... But really this compliance would be a well for the new generations? As long as this is the show where the characters live symbiotically together forever, and are thereby outside the school might be different ... although, even then, no shortage of nicknames as the "flower child".
I am old, or vintage as I always explain to children that I baby-sit, but the rest of the idea that uniformity can lead to the elimination of small groups dictated by social status, making it easier for a period like the Middle School.
So definitely put me in the list of "pros".
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