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4 years ago

Has an unpleasant scent to it not a cucumber scent but more of a harsh alcohol scent. Product burns on skin just slightly, particularly around nose area. Very sticky, had to really scrub hands to get liquidy product off. Product is green in the package, but when applied to my skin it appears clear. As it dries, skin starts to feel tight. Skin feels fabulous afterwards!

I got all of these Glade products for essentially free all thanks to BzzAgent. I ended up not realizing the free coupons were on the other side of the coupon package I received from BzzAgent, so I went to the store and combined the coupon with a $1 off Glade from Targets website and paid 99 cents for a diffuser and a starter kit. After BzzAgent advised that the free coupons were on the other side of the packet (duh, Im so ditzy sometimes!) I went back to the store to get my freebies since I loved what I tried so far. I essentially got everything else for free because for some reason the free coupons went in as the maximum value ($7.49 and $4.99) instead of the $2.99 and $5.99 the products would have cost. I didnt realize it until I left the store and went home (I purchased a slew of other items so it wasnt noticeable at first).

The Glade Expressions Collection is probably the best collection Glade has come out with, especially with the fragrance mists. I feel like the mists are so long lasting and I can honestly smell the fragrance in the air when I leave and then return to a room.

The oil diffuser comes with a very contemporary decorative sleeve. The oil diffuser actually drops down into the middle of the device and allows for a nice sleek holster for your fragrance. The fragrances come in three scents all of which are very fruity yet homey.

The fragrance mists come in four scents and I happen to really enjoy the mists over the diffusers simply because I feel Glade stepped it up with their mists and made them long lasting. I would say these smell as good or even better than the mist sprays by Febreeze. Hands down the BEST scent in the line is the Cotton & Italian Mandarin. And now that I feel as though Ive been blabbing about how amazing this scent is thats one of the reasons Ive been having the hardest time finding it anywhere. Seriously, Glade, if you make this into a perfume, Ill buy a case. Im crazy about clean scents I love cotton smelling room sprays/candles/etc and this is one of the best Ive smelled.

Now if you havent tried these, I would strongly recommend them.

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