Giving Away 5,887 Luuux$!

Hey guys! I`m giving away my account, which has 5887 Luuux$! I was active on Luuux a couple of months ago and decided to cash in my Luuux$ but lo and behold, i discovered that Luuux doesn`t ship to the Philippines! I was really bummed out that my hard work equated into nothing because Luuux doesn`t ship to my country.

So I decided that I could do a trade! I will give the username and password of my account so you guys can use it to buy whatever you want with the money I have on this account.

To whoever is interested, we could do a trade. You can comment or message me what you guys are willing to trade (I hope you guys ship to the Philippines) with me.

For example, there are lots of people here that do giveaways to gain followers and/or to get more Luuux$, well if we can work out an arrangement, you`ll be getting 5,887 Luuux$ from me! Imagine how hard it is to get 5k Luuux$! Plus, I`m not even picky with the stuff you guys are willing to trade!

I promise you guys this is not a hoax, because I swear if you checked, they don`t ship to my country. I was oredering the Juicy Couture perfume for my mom and they only ship in Singapore and Hong Kong for Asian countries. :(

Please feel free to message and comment me! I`m sure we can work something out!


Pic is mine btw

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